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What Is SALT Therapy ?

Salt Therapy (also called Halotherapy) is a safe natural alternative drug-free complementary treatment method for adults & children suffering from skin & respiratory conditions.  Salt is a natural antimicrobial & provides effective long-term relief without any toxic or allergic side effects.

How Does It Work? 

In a controlled "salt room", a generator dispenses pharmaceutical grade salt in aerosol concentration for 45 minutes.  As you breathe, salt penetrates deeply into the respiratory tract, sinuses & skin.

The salt acts as an antibacterial,absorbing moisture, liquefying mucus, killing bacteria & reducing inflammation.  As a result, residual tar, foreign allergens & mucus is more easily coughed & blown out & also expelled during metabolic processes in the bloodstream.


Bottom line - - You can breathe easier & have a better quality of life


Results & What to Expect

Respiratory & Integumentary (skin) systems are physiologically closely interrelated. The effect of Salt Therapy on the respiratory tract provides detoxification & lymph drainage. These effects contribute to skin clearance, improvement of skin tone & recovery of protective properties.


FOR SINUS & RESPIRATORY CONDITIONS, clinical studies demonstrate that after a series of treatments completed within a prescribed time, breathing becomes less labored, sneezing, coughing, wheezing & shortness of breath are improved & medical drug usage may be significantly decreased.


FOR SKIN CONDITIONS, decreased skin itching, reduction of swelling, pain, redness & minor cracks & fissures disappear.  There is increased skin turgor, skin stimulation & hair growth.


Your skin will visibly look & feel better


Recommended Number of Treatments

TEMPORARY infections such as colds, flu, ear & respiratory infections,
2 -8 treatments can be very effective.

CHRONIC respiratory & dermatological conditions, 
the protocol is 12-30 treatments

Every person is different & treatment depends on the type & severity of your condition.  To maximize the healing process, treatments are recommended to be taken over a short time period of 8 weeks or less.  A series of back- to- back treatments is best for long-term results.  To maintain positive results, prevent relapse & prolong remission, therapy can be repeated as needed.  That might be monthly, quarterly or yearly.


** Salt Therapy can also be used as a preventative measure during flu season.**


After the Treatment 

For respiratory conditions, it is common to have increased coughing, with sputum       & mucus.  This is the body's way of responding to Salt Therapy, by expelling the accumulated mucus, toxins & allergens.  As treatment continues, the mucus & coughing will disappear.  Rarely, a slight rash has been reported.  This will disappear after a few treatments.  Also rare, conjunctivitis may occur in some overly sensitive people, especially contact lens wearers. The recommendation is to keep eyes closed &/or use eye drops.


When Salt Therapy Should be Avoided 

Unless Physician approved                                                                                                                                    

  • Infection with a fever
  • Cancer
  • TB
  • Acute Stage Respiratory Disease  
  • 3rd Stage Chronic Lung Insufficiency
  • Bleeding/coughing blood
  • Cirrhosis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Kidney Disease
  • Intoxication  
Germs in the Salt Room 
Salt absorbs bacteria & is naturally antibacterial. As a preventative measure, clients are required to wash their hands thoroughly before entering the Salt Therapy Room.  After each session, the room is ventilated for 15 minutes.  Also, surfaces are wiped down between clients.
Respiratory Conditions Improved with Salt Therapy
Allergies        Asthma        Bronchitis        Common Cold        Congestion        COPD        Cystic Fibrosis                Ear Infection      Hay Fever       Pharyngitis       Pneumonia - after acute stage       Respiratory Allergies   Respiratory Infections      Rhinitis      Sinusitis      Smokers Cough      Tonsillitis
Salt Therapy for Skin Improvement
Acne        Dermatitis        Eczema          Psoriasis
Advantages Compared with Western Medicine

Salt Therapy is a risk free, natural treatment method. While modern pharmaceuticals provide effective  relief from chronic diseases, there are often serious side effects associated with repeated and long-term use.  Continuous drug therapy can lead to the possible development of allergic or toxic reactions, antibiotic tolerant bacteria and immune system destruction.  The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma &    Immunology   suggests that continuous use of glucocorticosteroids can lead to Osteoporosis.          

Salt Therapy provides effective long-term relief, without any side effects.  There are many people who are able to reduce their dependence on certain medications & find that their symptoms are not as frequent or severe.  However, you should always follow your physicians advice.
Breathing VS. Eating Salt

Eating too much salt has been linked to Hypertention.  However, breathing dry aerosol salt is not the same as ingesting it.  The concentration of salt in the Salt Therapy Room is less than 5 micrometers.  Putting that in perspective, the daily adult recommended salt intake is 6 grams.  Thus, the salt amount entering your respiratory system is extremely low.


What to Wear During Salt Therapy  

Come as you are.  Shoes must be removed.  Salt will not affect your clothing.  You will not turn white.  You may however, be able to taste the salt by the end of treatment.  For clients with skin conditions, it is recommended those areas be exposed.


Please note:

250 lb. weight limit for Salt Therapy chair.  


Bring your own chair




Salt Therapy & Inner Peace Massage Therapy Center, LLC., is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease.  We make no medical claims.  Salt Therapy has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Consult a physician about your medical condition. 


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